Different Ways to Win at Blackjack

The intermediate blackjack player might understanding basic strategy and might be looking for new, effective ways to win more money. Blackjack is the most popular table game in the world and most people appreciate its simplicity. Basic strategy dictates that you hit when you are holding less than 17 against a dealer hand that is showing a seven or higher. It demands that you double down any time you have an 11 and any time you have a 10 against a dealer card less than a 10. It requires that you split all aces and most eights. Knowing basic strategy is not all that you need in order to have success at the blackjack tables, though. A smart player will understand game selection, variance and some of the basics of card counting.

Choosing the table with the best odds

Not all blackjack tables are created equally. As they make clear in an article at Ace-Ten, many of the most popular blackjack rule changes can have a huge negative impact on your success. For instance, many tables in Las Vegas today pay only six to five for a blackjack. This is only slightly less than the usual three to two though it creates a huge shift in the odds. When you play on these tables, you hand 1.39 percent in house edge over to the casino. You are best off playing on a standard table where the dealer must stand on soft 17 and where the house pays the right amount for a player blackjack. This is why Ace-Ten generally advices to play blackjack online, giving you the option to quickly shift to different games with different rules.

Variance and the short-term win

Unless you become proficient at counting cards, you will always be up against the odds when you take on the blackjack machine. You must recognize that the best way to win is to take advantage of short-term variance. This means that you have a chance to turn the odds on their head in the short run. The longer you stay, the more likely it is that the house will turn things around on you.

Card counting basics For people who are advanced enough, card counting is an option. One of the easiest ways to count cards is with the plus and minus system. For every ace or ten that comes out of the deck, you would reduce the count by one. For every two, three, four, five or six that comes out of the deck, you would add one to the count. When the count is higher, the odds are more in your favor. This the time when you might want to bet more. Card counting can be very difficult for people who have no familiarity with the practice.